Friday, March 13, 2009

nowadays primary sch teachers!!!

the teachers nowadays more n more terrible..u kn what?i cant blif that a teacher will speak out with this words!

Parent : Excuse me,teacher!my daughter writting is correct..why u give her wrong n
re-write again?then some part u din mark it..
Teacher : oh really?then i check again...
Parent : ok..thanks!
Teacher : about some part i din mark it cos i where got so free to marks every
students homeworks..i got lots of things waiting for me to settle.
where i got the free time to correct every students works???
Parent : what?u r a teacher.ur job is to make sure very students done their works.
Teacher : har?then i will very busying wif those things.
Parent : that's is ur job!

then, teacher walk away without saying anythings!!OMG!!!wat kind of attitude she have!!r not suppose teacher will b d moral modal to the students?then y is this still happen??
eh..become a teacher nowadays is not easy u kn?dun thk u r a teacher then u think u r talent n pro in everything.excuse me!!b a teacher,u got to have many good attitude.
then 1st thg u must have a good manner, 2nd b patience, 3rd friendly, 4th resposible, 5th be tolerance, 6th good knowledge. then, when communicate with people must be good in communication and speak out with good language. show the good manner teacher shud have n not the bad manner. i kn that teacher is human 2, u can do whatever u 1 oso..but please remember!u r a teacher, u r teaching in school!so please do watch out with ur words!not the parents nowadays like to complains,but please do think ur manner towards peoples. be a good manner teacher!

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