Thursday, February 5, 2009

hi...after CNY!it has plenty of assignments was waiting for me to settle it...quite stress when saw it!!!when holidays is coming again????hahaha...just finish holiday 4 days ago..but im started to miss holidays again...haiyo,studies was so stress..some say is u gals opinion????for me...enjoy during not assign,not test,not homework,not exam n bla bla bla...hahaha..but not enjoy during all those things coming..wat to do????
"Don't give up easily, or else you'll feel sorry to yourself"

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  1. study really stress,working also stress!but if we din pass up the work, we may juz lost the marks..if u din finish the order from boss,hehe....FIRE!!!
    In my opinion...haha..most relax work is Agong!