Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a very happy wednesday!!!

hahaha...everything is going smoothly today!!that's on 18 feb 2009...i was so happy caused i din prepared anything to go search for my PTA supervisor yet i was successfully accepted by HIM...such a good lecturer that i ever meet!!!i didn't know that i have to prepare along with my PTA title yet if can,it also need along with the purposal..quite a not responsible student i am!then,mr good lec was so kind..u kn what???he even give a title for next year final year!!! last,i chg d title and told him d title that im going to do..once he listen,OMG!!!he said..yes,good topic!!!in addition, he still provided some information for me..haha..thinking a title for final year project is quite hard,caused scared rejected by those lecturers...but anyway,i was successfully to get my PTA supervisor in short half an hour...hahahahahahaha...and he is going to close his account for accept PTA students!! lucky caused im d second last person!!hahaha...but,it started to crack my head..caused early of march im going to pass up my "cincai" purposal to let him see...y so early hor?i oso duno...LI haven start,dy busy with PTA!!!y take it so serious,man????slow and steady mah...


  1. wa!so fast.
    i never think about it yet.

  2. yeah yeah...
    i din thk it oso..but this morning so many ppl say abt it..then i go 5 supervisor...then he ask me to pass up fast!!!

  3. haha~~yeah, Mr.MT is a very very nice guy!!!!