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Type graphics

Type graphics

What is Types Graphic in Typographic?

Typographic defined as the art and technique of printing with movable type. This means arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs. The arrangement type involves typefaces, point sizes, line length and leading. It’s also adjusting the spaces between groups of letters and the space between pairs of letters. Typography performed by typesetters, typographers, graphic artists and compositors.

Display in typographic is a potent element in graphic design. It is less concern for readability. But, it is potential of using types in artistic manner. Type is combined with graphic elements and pictures. It also form relationships and dialog between words and images. Most display typography exploits type at larger sizes. Color in type, is effect emotional in the tone. And also effect in the nature of subject matter.

In addition, the graphics of web site can’t be separated neatly with typography. Graphic text is integrated with images which can’t be done in HTML text. It is better to use graphical representations than HTML type. This is because of ease for reader to understand. By the way, in some cases still need to know how to use graphic type within GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group).

GIF and JPEG are under raster graphic. Raster graphics are not scalable. Which means while downloaded, can’t make them any bigger. The image will pixilated if attempt to make them larger. GIF and JPEG are only available in Chrome, Chrome Blue and Silver images. If want to resize these images. Graphics professional can rebuild image file from raster to vector.

Display typography encompasses posters and book covers. Typographic logos and word marks is for billboards. Besides that, typographic also use in packaging which call on product typographic. In typographic, inscriptional and architectural lettering is call as graffiti. In advertising field, typographic were also participation into it. It works as business communications and promotional collateral.

The typographic has been long vital part of advertising. Designers always use typographic to set theme and mood in advertisement. For particular advertisement, type been often used to get attention with combine efficient use of color. In addition, it also combines with shapes and images.

A company’s brand advertisement often reflected by typographic. Fonts in advertisements bring different messages to the reader. For an example, classical font equal strong personality. Modern fonts are for a cleaner and neutral look. Then, a bold font is for making statements and attracting attention.

In typographic, it can divide into 2 types: anti-aliased type and not anti-aliased. Anti-aliasing is a technique of blending bitmap based images and text to reduce the stair-stepping or jagged appearance. In areas of transition, the edge pixels are blended to give a smoother appearance. It can remove signal components which have high frequency by sampling device.

Aliasing trying to reproduce images of letterform outlines using insufficient display resolution. Applying anti-aliasing techniques replaces the unwanted low frequency and missing high frequency components by extrapolation of the remaining signal. Therefore, the best anti-aliasing oftentimes can only be achieved by hand-tuning. The difference between anti-aliasing and hand-tuning is the former can be a mathematical process. And the latter is performed strictly by eye.

The degrees of anti-aliasing can be rise by allow more pixels to be altered. The more shades of gray a pixel the more successful. To create anti-aliased type, Adobe Photoshop will be the programs which used by most web designers. Purely graphic typographic cannot mix with HTML based text on web page. Graphic type is difficult to update and edit than HTML text.

Anti-aliasing is not suitable for small type sizes but good for large type. Anti-aliasing should be disabled when very small type is used under 8-10 points. This is because anti-aliasing will reduce the legibility of small type. In addition, for small type sizes it is better to use Abode Illustrator.

As a conclusion, the type graphic in typographic was a very helpful programs for the web designers. This is because web designers can be easily to done their job and brings information to readers. For the reader, it is easy to understand and attract by the advertisement or posters. Thus, this will improve the country economy. By the way, it will also provide more digitalization work field for the country nations.


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